Offshore Energy, Conservation and Outdoor Recreation

The U.S. Interior Department recently announced that $61.6 million in revenues from offshore oil and natural gas will be distributed to all 50 states, U.S. territories and the District of Columbia...



Voters: Offshore Energy Is Good for Florida

By FL Vets4Energy Chairman: "Despite the fear mongering and scare tactics used by radical environmentalists, oil and natural gas are essential to Floridians' quality of life."



Why Do States Have Different Gas Prices

Taxes and Infrastructure - see why



Natural Gas and the Energy Future

The Environmental Defense Fund's Fred Krupp: "Natural gas has already helped clean the air. Natural gas has the potential to also help lower greenhouse gas emissions..."



Linking Energy and U.S. National Security

An in-depth read about the connection energy has on our national security - published by the University of Texas at Austin.



Gold Star Park: A lasting memorial for those who sacrificed it all

"It's not a lot to ask for us to remember what they gave. It's so much more than just a monument, a name on a wall or a flag," said McCormick, Master of Ceremonies.



Vets4Energy's Leanne Wheeler presented at Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) State Conention

Leanne Wheeler, USAF Veteran and Outreach Director for Vets4Energy, explained how energy plays a critical role in our nation's national security to about 1,500 attendees.



IHS Markit: US gas production to rise 60% in next 20 years

The US is now on track to become one of the world's major LNG exporters, the report notes... The report observes that shale gas also has made a major contribution to reducing US carbon dioxide emissions.



INGAA Foundation study projects robust US need for gas pipelines

The US and Canada will need to invest a combined $791 billion, in real 2016 dollars, or an average $44 billion/year, for new natural gas, crude oil, and natural gas pipeline transportation systems from 2018 through 2035, the INGAA Foundation Inc. predicted in a new report.



What If India And China Used Natural Gas And Oil Like The U.S.?

Global energy consumption has essentially just begun: around 85% of the global population - 6 in every 7 humans - still lives in developing nations.