Creating New Jobs

America’s energy, financial and national security are tied together like no time in our nation’s history.  Our military is currently deployed in regions from which we import much of our energy — and America misses out on the affordable, reliable energy and new jobs that could be produced through increased development of our domestic energy sources.

Energy security means jobs security.  And more domestic energy development will require hundreds of thousands new American jobs and produce billions in new tax revenue. 

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In fact, 10.3 million American jobs are already supported by the oil and natural gas industry.  What’s more, energy-producing states are also among the best in job creation, according to a recent Gallup Poll.

Those are strong numbers, but the potential for new American job creation is even greater if we opened up our domestic oil and gas resources for leasing and development:  

  • More jobs:  An estimated 690,000 jobs could be created by 2030 by allowing access to oil and natural gas resources currently off-limits.
  • Good-paying jobs:  Oil and natural gas industry salaries in the exploration and production sectors are more than double the national average for all U.S. jobs.
  • Local jobs:  Local employment also would benefit greatly with the addition of construction jobs as well as service and support positions.
  • Indirect jobs:  An estimated 7.1 million jobs are supported by the purchase of goods and services to support energy exploration — including equipment suppliers, construction companies, management specialists and even food service businesses.

Increased domestic energy production will also provide a reliable source of energy that will help power our economy by benefiting farmers, truckers and businesses, large and small.

Further, the tax revenue generated from these development projects will help fill the coffers of state and local governments, helping them meet their budget problems at a time when they need help the most.

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