End the ban on selling crude oil

Letter by V4E Volunteer: "Congress will be tasked with deciding whether to support the Iran nuclear deal, a portion of which would allow that country to start selling its oil globally. In the meantime, U.S. crude oil products still cannot be sold globally."



Wallingford to chair Vets4Energy in Missouri

State Senator Wayne Wallingford, R-Cape Girardeau, has accepted the position of Chairman of MissouriVets4Energy.



U.S. shares with Iran, but not with Canada

Who's a closer ally of the United States: Canada or Iran? The Obama administration doesn't seem to believe the answer is Canada. Its nuclear deal would allow Iran to resume oil exports while [continuing] to refuse oil from Canada by stalling approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. That's both absurd and dangerous for national security.



Army vet: Becoming energy-independent means saving U.S. military lives

Speaking at the Shale Insights 2015 conference recently in Philadelphia, retired Capt. James McCormick said every dollar an American spends on foreign energy is a dollar that could be going toward the purchase of weapons used to harm U.S. military members.



Vets4Energy Volunteer Appears on WBOB AM600.

Cmdr. Tom Garcia, Ret. USN and Vets4Energy volunteer, is a repeat guest on WBOB AM600 "American Foreign Policy" program.



Majority of American voters believe KXL delays hurt U.S. energy security and economy

A majority of U.S. voters of all political persuasions agreed that the years of Keystone XL pipeline delay have hurt our energy security and economy, according to a new poll conducted for API by Harris Poll.



Army Captain McCormick (Ret.) speaks at gas industry leader gathering

Speaking at an annual gathering of natural gas industry leaders in Philadelphia, Army Captain James McCormick (Ret.) told the group that America has a unique opportunity to free itself from the entanglements of imported energy.



Interview with Admiral Don Loren USN ret., Vets4Energy, at the National Convention for The Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Veterans Reporter News talked with Rear Admiral Don Loren, USN (Ret.) about Vets4Energy.



Grant concessions to the deserving: End ban on U.S. crude oil exports.

If the U.S. crude oil export ban is lifted, the country then becomes able to sell another energy source globally, providing more of an influence on oil supply and pricing, giving us less of a reason to send our soldiers into conflict.



Iran Deal Imperils Our Energy and National Security

By Florida's Vets4Energy Chairman: There are different types of crude oil located in different parts of the world... The United States has an abundance of "light, sweet" crude it currently can't sell to its allies, while the country needs "sour"crude oil from other countries. So, even with the ban lifted, importing oil is necessary.