Why Energy

Because national security is about more than military strength.  For a country to be secure, it must also possess energy security.  They are interlinked and vital to a strong nation.  

As veterans, we understand the value of ensuring our nation's security through development of America's natural energy.  We understand the economic benefits that it will produce.

Securing our nation's energy future -- providing energy security -- includes providing uninterrupted and reliable access to affordable sources of energy. 

The good news is that, thanks to remarkable advances in technology, we are now able to access stores of oil and natural gas right here in North Americas that have been previously inaccessible to us. 

As we expand our ability to tap our own American energy reserves, this means we become less dependent on imported energy from foreign sources.  Many of these nations don't share America's interests.  And, many of these nations are in unstable regions, meaning every time a rouge nation rattles its sabers, Americans take the hit as the price of energy fluctuates.

Thanks to the combination of safe and tested technological advancements like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, America has become the world's leading producer of oil and natural gas, overtaking both Russia and Saudi Arabia.  

But it can be so much better.  This new American energy renaissance can rebirth America's economic strength as a global leader.  We can put more jobs in the marketplace; export resources where it makes sense;  increase federal and state revenues and reduce the need for higher tax rates. 

When America is in control, we are a more secure nation.  No one understands this better than the men and women of our armed forces, active duty and veterans alike.  

Through taking the right steps now, we can reduce our dependence of foreign sources of energy, increase our own energy self-reliance, reassure our allies, and dramatically enhance America's national security interests. 

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