Military Veterans and Politics

News Radio WVHU talks with Vets4Energy's Captain James McCormick, USA (ret) about the connection between energy and terrorism, and the impact veterans have in politics.



American Manufacturing, Re-energized

Thanks to shale gas, U.S. manufacturing is at its strongest profitability in a generation.



At the Crossroads of Energy and Independence

As a nation, we must stand tall to overcome barriers and achieve our energy independence... In a round-about way, we may actually be filling our gas tanks with the product that buys the bullets that are fired at our service members overseas who have fought for our freedom.



Independence Day from Capt. McCormick

What is Freedom? For those of us blessed to be born in America from the day that doctor slaps our bottom and that first cry we make is made with the air of freedom, made possible by the millions of Americans who laid down their lives to keep that air free and the millions more who serve this nation in many ways to keep it the way.



After NSG rebuff, India falls back on fossil fuels for energy security

India oil minister will visit the US later this month to seek investments and technology from exploration companies



Market forces, not taxes, best method to reduce carbon emission

Nevada Vets4Energy Chairman agrees that reducing carbon emissions is an important goal, and says the good news is that market forces in the American energy sector are already doing just that.



Rear Admiral Loren addresses Massachusetts VFW

Loren told the group that the nation needs a comprehensive energy policy that incorporates an all the above approach and the infrastructure to take our energy supplies to the region's where it is consumed.



Vets4Energy Becomes Member of United Veterans Committee of Colorado

Membership into the UVC is by invitation-only and it is an honor to be invited. Vets4Energy was extended an invitation to become a member in May, 2016 and the vote for membership took place June 14th.



Capt. McCormick Testifies at EPA Science Advisory Board

Vets4Energy program director provides his perspective as a veteran, a farmer, and a West Virginian to affirm the EPA's findings that hydraulic fracturing does not harm groundwater.



Ohio Valley Lures Manufacturers With Rock-Bottom Natural Gas Prices

A group of business leaders in a small corner of Ohio and West Virginia are laying down a big claim: They have the cheapest natural gas in the industrialized world.