Boom in American Liquified Natural Gas Is Shaking Up the Energy World

A shale gas drilling boom over the last decade has propelled the United States from energy importer to exporter, taking the country a giant leap toward the goal of energy independence declared by presidents for half a century.



Supporting pipelines is supporting everyday products

Without oil and gas, our lives would be significantly different. Medicines, clothing, plastics and rubber products would not exist.



Anti-Fracking Donor Memo Mapped Out Strategy to Attack Oil and Gas with Questionable Health Claims

A strategy memo from 2012 encouraged anti-fracking groups to make connections between health problems and fracking, even when no evidence existed to support the linkage. The goal of the plan, which included leveraging the power of the media and a focus on young children, was to undermine support for oil and natural gas development and expand regulations.



Vets4Energy Capt. McCormick attended AUSA conference in Wash, DC.

Stars & Stripes asked Capt. McCormick to sign magazines



What do Future Cities Look Like?

... those ideas are actually intrinsically linked to oil and natural gas. "Renewables today depend increasingly on natural gas for backup when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing... So without natural gas or other forms of fossil energy, there would be little, if any, solar or wind energy anywhere."



New Report: U.S. Energy Security Continues to Improve

The 2017 edition of Global Energy Institute's Index of U.S. Energy Security Risk finds that U.S. energy security is continuing to rapidly improve to one of the best scores in decades, after hitting bottom just five years ago.



America Matters Interviews Capt. McCormick Sept. 27, 2017

Capt. McCormick begins a monthly appearance on "America Matters" radio (Nevada), talking about all things energy security.



Energy innovation critical to national security, too

With looming threats like a nuclear North Korea, national security is top of mind for many Americans. What some may not realize is that investing in advanced energy technologies is a critical component of our nation's security, and Congress will be making major decisions on these investment levels later this year.



The Energy in Science Fiction

I have been following the coverage of the devastation wrought by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida and the food, potable water and gasoline shortages which stretch far beyond the areas impacted by the storms. It triggered a couple of memories.



Mexico reforms may make US offshore industries look south

Mexico's continuing energy reforms could make US offshore oil and gas producers consider leasing there if more of the US Outer Continental Shelf is not opened for exploration and development.