Japan shows why the world needs fracking -- and nuclear power

"The bridging energy source, I think, is gas,"revealing the sort of thinking U.S. environmentalists often condemn.



Obama decision to block Arctic energy development draws criticism from Congress, vets group

Capt. James McCormick, USA (ret), a 3-time bronze star, silver star and purple heart recipient, and program director for Vets4Energy, agreed with US Sen. Murkowski"s comments. "By not allowing America to explore, we are only decreasing our national security..."



Energy pipelines safe, vital to nation's economic health, advocates say

Tony Caldarelli, a former army captain and volunteer chairman for Pennsylvania Vets4Energy, told TI News Daily that the pipelines are necessary to maintain our country's "new position as an energy superpower."



Vast shale oil field in Texas could yield 20 billion barrels

A vast field of shale rock in West Texas could yield 20 billion barrels of oil, making it the largest source of shale oil the U.S. Geological Survey has ever assessed, agency officials said.



Use seismic surveys and all energy resources to improve lives

By Vets4Energy Volunteer Chairman: "I know there is an undisputable connection between energy security and national security. And, I feel strongly that we should be doing everything in our power to reduce our reliance on energy sources from foreign countries..."



IEA Sees Peak Oil Demand After 2040

Global oil demand won't stop growing before 2040 despite pledges made at the Paris climate change summit last year to cap greenhouse-gas emissions, the head of the International Energy Agency said (WSJ subscription required).



Vets4Energy Florida Chairman into Veterans' Hall of Fame

Lt. Col. Dennis Freytes, USA (ret.), volunteer co-chair of Florida's Vets4Energy, was one of eleven veterans inducted into Florida's Veterans' Hall of Fame.



Radio Interview:Vets4Energy on Seismic Surveys

Col. Freytes of Vets4Energy says the [seismic survey] is perfectly safe and will testify to that at the hearings in Ft. Walton Beach.



Environmental impacts of oil and gas surveys to be discussed

Florida Vets4Energy Co-chairman Lt. Col. Dennis Freytes: "surveys are "a critical part of safe offshore energy development that is necessary to continue to harness the nation's energy potential."



Veterans Day 2016: What you need to know

Veterans Day is celebrated annually on November 11 to honor those who have served in the Armed Forces as well as those who have fallen defending the country.