The benefits of expanding offshore energy exploration are undeniable.  Increasing domestic production creates jobs, generates economic activity and lowers the cost of energy.  But most importantly, it reduces our and our ally's reliance on foreign oil.  That is good for our national security.

America's veterans know first-hand the cost of protecting our national security, and that energy security is a key part of the equation.  Tapping into the vast energy resources that we have off our shores in one of the answers to securing our nation's energy security. 

  • By striving toward true North American energy independence, we can control our nation's destiny, and become less reliant on overseas energy partners who may not share our best national interests.
  • America's new position as a global leader in energy production positions us to not only help ourselves but to help our allies, as well. Our ability to export natural gas and oil to our friends mean that those nations are less reliant on unfriendly nations and on energy from unstable and unreliable regions of the world.
  • America needs energy from all sources - including nuclear and renewables. But no matter how fast alternative sources of energy are adopted, we know that American oil and natural gas are our best energy investment for national security and energy independence for the foreseeable future.
  • We know that large reserves of oil and natural gas are located right off America's shores. Developing these vast resources will boost our nation's economy, create new jobs, generate government revenue and, yes, increase our energy and national security. In fact, experts estimate opening up offshore exploration and development would generate  840,000 American jobs and generate $200 billion in revenue for the government. And, all of this can be accomplished while being subject to the most stringent safety and environmental standards in the world.
  • Expanded offshore production won't just mean creating new jobs in drilling and direct development of energy resources. It will also mean the creation of new, white collar jobs in fields such as engineering, enviromental studies, compliance, graphic design, and more.
  • Advances in technology and industry standards have made offshore development safer than ever.

"It is also undeniable that for the foreseeable future, oil and natural gas will be the greatest drivers of the world’s economies. Here at home, oil and gas are expected to generate over 60 percent of America’s energy for at least the next 30 years, even with the welcome use of renewables continuing to be on the rise."  Real Clear Energy.

Realizing America’s offshore potential begins with decisions made today as it can take seven or more years to develop natural gas and oil offshore. That’s why federal officials should consider the great opportunity at hand to support energy and economic opportunity with a robust offshore blueprint for the future - one that makes our country stronger and secure.

How much untapped energy lies off our nation's shores?

Modern seismic surveys would help produce the most accurate results, but according to surveys from the 1980s, there is an estimated 3.3 billion barrels of oil and 31 trillion cubic feet of natural gas that could be available by opening up the Atlantic coastline to exploration.

Unfortunately, obstacles put in place by our policymakers are preventing us from accessing those resources or conducting modern seismic surveys. The industry cannot move forward, halting progress towards a more sound and strong America.


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