What If Hydraulic Fracturing was Banned?

This report explores how a theoretical ban on hydraulic fracturing in the United States, beginning on January 1, 2017 and running through the end of 2022, would impact jobs, energy prices, incomes, domestic manufacturing, and American energy security.



It is about America's future security and prosperity.

Vets4Energy volunteer Chairman and Missouri State Senator: "I want to remind voters of the importance of our nation's energy renaissance in the upcoming election on November 8."



Oil Drilling in the Arctic Could Protect America and the Environment

Article in Time by Rear Admiral Don Loren of Vets4Energy: "...offshore energy development in the Arctic can bolster our national security in two critical ways. In the short term, by building out the regional infrastructure we badly need. In the long, by securing our energy supply for many decades."



Arctic drilling has vital role in energy, national security

Massive new discovery proves: When you're allowed to explore for energy, historic oil and natural gas discoveries can follow. But there's a caveat. Given the long lead time it takes years...



Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Economic vitality requires modern energy infrastructure

Virginians are accustomed to the power of great ideas and the strong debate that surrounds them. Thomas Jefferson likened it to a good thunderstorm, clearing the air.



Rear Admiral Loren (ret.) addresses Nevada Veterans Council

Vets4Energy's national liaison spoke to 50+ attendees about how oil and natural gas independence strengthens our national security.



Carnegie Mellon Study: Natural Gas Could Provide $50 Billion in Health Benefits

Carnegie Mellon University released peer-reviewed study finding significant health and climate benefits as a result of the increased use natural gas for electricity generation.



Growing U.S. Industrial Natural Gas Demand

Power generation, LNG exports globally and pipeline exports to Mexico and Eastern Canada, and new industrial demand are the three rapidly growing baseload natural gas demand markets.



Analysts: Oil and gas boom has been 'miraculous' for the U.S.

The benefits brought to America by the oil and gas energy renaissance are "miraculous," a former Marine Corps sergeant major and volunteer chairman of New Hampshire's Vets4Energy chapter said.



Vets4Energy member talks RFS

Video: Vets4Energy subscriber Vance Morris, USA veteran, talks about Renewable Fuel Standard's effect on engines.