Vets4Energy volunteer awarded Bronze Star with Valor

February 22, 2014

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Serving 'with valor'...

That phrase and distinction was described by Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams as "extraordinary effort” and a willingness to sacrifice your life if needed in a time of battle.

Williams was the keynote speaker at a ceremony that honored James McCormick, a veteran of the U.S. Army, for actions he took in combat in 2004 during the Iraq War. McCormick, of Mason County, West VA., was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Valor....on Thursday (February 20, 1014).

"I wear this for everybody else that couldn't wear it," he said. "Somebody just happened to see me. There are a lot of heroes out there. I take (the medal) as a tremendous honor. I will wear it for those that could not make it home."

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(James, we at Vets4Energy are all proud of you.  We honor your service and respect your heroism). 

Below is a brief dscription of McCormick's conduct almost ten years ago:

For heroism in ground operations against a hostile force. Second Lieutenant McCarmick distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous actions on 7 April 2004 while performing dual assignments as the Convoy Security Commander and Gunner providing security for the 1487 Transportation Company during Operation Iraqi Freedom II. Second Lieutenant McCormick quickly maneuvered his M99 Gun Truck into position providing protection while engaging and destroying the enemy. Second Lieutenant McCormick suffered an injury to his left hand but continued to fight and protect the convoy until the entire element was remove from the kill-zone. His commitment to duty is in keeping with the highest standords of military traditions and reflects distinct credit upon himself, the Coalition Force Land Component Command and the United States Army.

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