Donald Trump admin favours export of oil and natural gas to friends: Official

April 29, 2017

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration favours export of oil and natural gas to allies and friends like India, a top cabinet official has said.

US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's comments came as US President Donald Trump prepared to take steps towards removing the shackles on offshore energy exploration.

"We would like to export (oil and natural gas) to other countries," Zinke told reporters at a White House news conference yesterday.

"Part of our national security is to not only be able to provide ourselves with energy independence but also to provide our allies with energy, certainly liquid natural gas in Europe," he said, adding that export of oil and natural gas requires infrastructure, which is not the case now.

"We are working our ways to make sure we can reverse that. A lot of it is the infrastructure. And we are quite frankly behind in the infrastructure," he said.

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