General Clark on Radio Program

General Tony Clark, Chairman for the Nevada Energy Forum, shared messaging to veterans on how energy plays a significant role in military and veteran issues.



Shale Gas Changes Geopolitics

If the US, China, Europe and other major energy consumers can tap their own rocks for gas to generate electricity, then the world's power arrangements are about to be rearranged, writes Regis Gente.



Vets4Energy Fly-in to Washington DC (July, 2013)

Thirty U.S. veterans from around the country descended upon our Nation's Capital on July 9-12 as part of a Vets4Energy fly-in. These American heroes met with their U.S. Senators and Members of Congress, delivering the message that "Energy Security = National Security."



Saudi Prince: Fracking Is Threat To Kingdom

A Saudi prince has warned that his oil-reliant nation is under threat because of fracking technology being developed elsewhere around the world.



Policy briefing: National interest and security implications of Keystone XL

The Hill and the American Petroleum Institute host a policy breakfast Tuesday, July 23, on the national interest and security implications of the Keystone XL pipeline.



Vets4Energy emphasizes connection between energy, national security

Vets4Energy emphasized the connection durings its recent visit to the nation's capital.



Retired Major General Gary Wattnem to Meet with Iowa Senators

Iowa Flag Officer will advocate for energy policies that will strengthen national security



Vets4Energy to Meet with Senators to Discuss Energy Policies

Paul Connors, a US Air Force veteran, and volunteer wwith Vets4Energy, is scheduled to meet with Missouri Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt in Washington, DC to urge swift action on energy policies that would enhance national security.



ANGA Donates $50,000 to Train [Ohio] Veterans for Natural Gas Jobs

America's Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) recently donated $50,000 to the Support Our Troops Education Fund. The money will go towards scholarships for Ohio veterans pursuing a career in the natural gas industry.



Cyberattacks Against U.S. Corporations Are on the Rise

A new wave of cyberattacks is striking American corporations, prompting warnings from federal officials, including a vague one issued last week by the Department of Homeland Security. This time, officials say, the attackers' aim is not espionage but sabotage, and the source seems to be somewhere in the Middle East.