Michigan America Legion

Vets4Energy's Advisor and National Liaison Rear Admiral Don Loren spoke to American Legion state post commanders and other top leadership, where he addressed the importance of energy security to the country and how it relates to national security, which is why Veterans should be strong advocates.



Michigan American Legion Post, Detroit, MI

Rear Admiral Loren spoke to the annual gathering of American Legion state post commanders and American Legion senior leadership, addressing the importance of energy security to our country and how it relates to national security.



Military Appreciation Luncheon, Anchorage, AK

500-600 people from all branches of military attended. Vets4Energy Chair George Wuerch attended and handed out literature about Vets4Energy basic issues and RFS.



Vets4Energy Luncheon, Albany NY

This Vets4Energy luncheon was with more than 50 veterans (including leaders from the New York State VFW), labor leaders and local residents.



Birthplace of USS New Jersey Saved by Shale Production

The shale boom and the Jones Act are saving shipbuilding at the 213-year-old Philadelphia Navy Yard. "Less than three years ago, you would have seen an empty dock, empty building dock..." Instead, the company has tripled employment...



Keystone XL Pipeline Delay a Political Move That Hurts Jobs, Economy, Energy Supply

V4E Volunteer, Maj. Gen. Bill Hodgkins: "While most out-of-work people simply want the opportunity for a job, Washington seems to have turned a deaf ear to those pleas."



Fracking Insiders See No End To Boom

Despite official predictions that the U.S. energy boom will pop like a bubble in the next 20 years, people engaged in drilling for oil and gas - from the financiers to the frackers - see no end to boom times or low gas prices, industry insiders said in Chicago Friday.



Keystone Pipeline will boost U.S. oil, gas supply

By Florida Vets4Energy Chairmen, Gen. Bill Hodgkins (ret.) "What may be lost in the story is how approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline project would be a major boost to the U.S. economy, not only because of increased supply of oil, but also because of the tens of thousands of new jobs it will create."



On Keystone XL, put policy ahead of politics

Upon the latest exasperating delay of the Keystone XL pipeline project, our union - the Laborers' International Union of North America - suggested that the Obama administration grow a set of antlers or take a lesson from Popeye and eat some spinach.



What America is Thinking on Energy Issues - Poll: Large majorities support U.S. investments in oil and natural gas

Strong bipartisan majorities of registered voters support increased investment in energy infrastructure, according to a new poll API is unveiling as part of a recess campaign highlighting the voices of Americans.