Oil Prices and the Keystone XL Pipeline (video)

Video of Jack Gerard, President and CEO of American Petroleum Institute, talked about falling oil and gas prices and efforts by the US Congress to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.



House OKs Keystone XL pipeline

Defying a presidential veto threat, the House of Representatives passed a bill approving the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.



Nebraska court tosses suit over Keystone pipeline

Nebraska's highest court tossed a lawsuit Friday challenging a proposed route for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, saying the landowners who sued didn't have legal standing to do so. The Nebraska Supreme Court decision could remove a major roadblock for the $7 billion cross-continental project.



House Plans to Vote on Keystone XL Bill Friday

The US House of Representatives is planning to vote Friday on legislation approving the Keystone XL pipeline, It will be the tenth time since 2011 that the GOP-controlled chamber has passed measures approving the pipeline, which has been under review by the Obama administration for more than six years. The Senate is expected to begin consideration of a similar bill on Wednesday...



What's Your Energy Wish This Year

See what our veterans are wishing for America's energy.



An Oil Boom Is a Power Boon

OPEC met on Nov. 27, and openly recognized that the United States' oil technological revolution - driven by enhanced oil recovery methods including hydraulic fracturing (known as fracking) and horizontal drilling - has undermined the cartel's economic and political power.



Program launched for job-seeking vets

Job searching just became simpler for veterans, and region employers will reap the benefits.



Veterans expect pro-energy leaders

What has made the Middle East a geostrategic focal point for so long but its possession of vast reserves of the oil we and our allies need to sustain our economies? If there were any adequate alternative sources of this precious fuel, we would have to be mad not to take advantage of them. And yet, there are.



Shale Revolution: Opportunity To Jump-Start Economic Growth

Will the U.S. shale boom turn out to be a bust? The recent decline in oil prices has left some questioning whether it can be sustained.



Thank you for Keystone XL attempts

Just a short note to thank every Veteran who worked on the attempt to get Keystone XL pipeline legislation through the Senate. Unfortunately, our efforts came up one vote shy of passage.