Support for seismic testing

By Maj Gen. William Hodgkins (ret), V4E Florida Co-Chair -- "Responding to Ron Littlepage's column "Thanks to Obama, our coast is in danger," Vets4Energy, a national organization of military veterans, believes the nation is more secure if we are less dependent on foreign oil.



VSO Leaders Meet with American Petroleum Institute Executives and Vets4Energy

National Veterans Service Organization (VSO) leaders representing more than nine million veterans met with executives of the American Petroleum Institute (API) to discuss veteran employment in the oil and gas industry and the connection between America's domestic energy renaissance to the nation's national security.



Coastal governors seek federal plan for sharing offshore revenue

Seven governors from coastal states recently agreed to seek consolidated federal legislation establishing a multi-state plan for sharing revenue from federal offshore energy development.



Shale gas and oil production in Ohio: The numbers tell the story

Gas and oil production from wells drilled horizontally in Ohio's Utica shale industry increased in the last three months of 2014.



Energy advocacy groups speak out against offshore drilling decision

"As a veteran, it is clear to me that the success of the United States in cutting reliance on foreign oil from unstable countries is critical to maintaining our own National Security," said Maj. Gen. William Hodgkins, retired U.S. Air Force and chair of Florida Vets4Energy.



Hundreds attend meeting on drilling off the Carolinas

An Obama administration proposal to allow offshore oil and gas exploration drew hundreds of people to North Carolina's coast for two meetings: one where federal officials gathered comments, and another where drilling critics rallied to voice their opposition. NC Vets4Energy chairman Bobby Greer is quoted.



Pipelines, Ukraine and crumbling roads

Letter to the Editor by Vets4Energy Ohio Chairman Harry Prestanski - "Now that there is an abundance of affordable and clean natural gas, it is vital that we build the needed infrastructure to make the most of it. In Ohio..."



President should sign Keystone XL oil pipeline bill

Written by Vets4Energy Indiana Chairman Michael Wherry - "So let's set our sights higher than a single oil pipeline." That was President Obama's first-ever reference to the Keystone XL Pipeline in a State of the Union address....



Senate Approves Keystone XL Pipeline Bill, Testing Obama

The Senate passed a bill on Thursday to force approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which President Obama is certain to veto in his first official clash with the new Republican-majority Congress.



Serving Those Who Have Served Us

West VA Governor recognizes Vets4Energy Program Director, James McCormick (USA, ret), for his continuing efforts in helping veterans.