Keystone pipeline still necessary

Panama City News Herald gave Vets4Energy Florida Chairman, Maj. Gen. Hodgkins (ret.) nearly 700 words, almost double the amount of traditional opinion letters, to express his views about the Keystone XL Pipeline.



Big oil deposit found near London airport, but will be hard to tap

The U.K. has identified three potential reservoirs of onshore oil and gas as it seeks to get in on the shale oil boom that has made the U.S. the world's top energy producer.



Stand Up and Be Heard Veterans Rally, Columbia, South Carolina

Vets4Energy joined statewide veteran groups to recognize veterans in South Carolina. 250 attended.



Vietnam Veterans Appreciation Day at West Virginia State Capital.

Vets4Energy State Liaison Captain James McCormick presented to a crowd of more than 450 attendees at the West Virginia State Capitol.



Methane in drinking water unrelated to fracking, study suggests

Fracking doesn't appear to be allowing methane to seriously contaminate drinking water in Pennsylvania, a new study finds - contrary to some earlier, much publicized research that suggested a stronger link.



Fracking Rule Could Slow Energy Revolution

Onshore production of natural gas in federal areas fell 21.6 percent. The reason is federal policy. In contrast, state and private lands production increased 57.4 percent.



China Builds Strategic Petroleum Reserves Amid Oil Price Plunge, but Still Lags Western Nations

The crude oil price plunge of more than 50% since last June has proved a mixed blessing for global economies. It has cut deep into the coffers of oil producing nations while providing much needed relief for oil and natural gas import dependent countries. China, the world’s second largest oil importer, is also taking advantage of the oil price plunge.



Support for seismic testing

By Maj Gen. William Hodgkins (ret), V4E Florida Co-Chair -- "Responding to Ron Littlepage's column "Thanks to Obama, our coast is in danger," Vets4Energy, a national organization of military veterans, believes the nation is more secure if we are less dependent on foreign oil.



VSO Leaders Meet with American Petroleum Institute Executives and Vets4Energy

National Veterans Service Organization (VSO) leaders representing more than nine million veterans met with executives of the American Petroleum Institute (API) to discuss veteran employment in the oil and gas industry and the connection between America's domestic energy renaissance to the nation's national security.



Coastal governors seek federal plan for sharing offshore revenue

Seven governors from coastal states recently agreed to seek consolidated federal legislation establishing a multi-state plan for sharing revenue from federal offshore energy development.