Veteran visits Montana while driving Purple Heart Trail

"A little bit about what makes America great is it's people and the fact that we have people who are willing to give up their life in defense of this nation. Let's honor that sacrifice..."



Vets4Energy on MyNDNow TV

North Dakota TV talks to Capt. McCormick about energy security, energy industry jobs, and the Purple Heart Trail.



Bismarck, ND. NBC North Dakota Affiliate with Vets4Energy

Captain James McCormick appeared on NBC affiliate News10 evening news, with a brief story about his Purple Heart Trip.



American Military News published Vets4Energy article

American Military News picked up the article written by Hannah Yang from Austin, MN



Vets4Energy on Montana Veteran Radio Program

Capt. McCormick talks about PTSD, returning Veterans, energy security and the Purple Heart Trail on talk radio.



Combat veteran takes to Purple Heart Trail to discuss energy production, national security

The goal was to use the trail as a way to speak to the public about the United States' national energy policy... what it means to national security... [and] to highlight the sacrifices of military service members made to defend the country.



Fargo, Vets4Energy on Rob Port Show

WDAY 970 AM interviewed Captain McCormick about securing America’s energy future



Stars and Stripes "Combat Veteran Takes to Purple Heart Trail"

Stars and Stripes picked up the article written by Hannah Yang from Austin, MN.



Vets4Energy VFW National Convention and Purple Heart Trail Tour

Vets4Energy continues to highlight the importance of energy security to our national security at the VFW National Convention in Kansas City, MO.



Vets4Energy on iHeart Radio, Des Moines, IA

Capt. McCormick is interviewed by Doug Wagner on Iowa WMT Radio where he discusses his 5,000 mile road trip that touches many segments of the Purple Heart Trail.