Rear Admiral Loren addresses Massachusetts VFW

Loren told the group that the nation needs a comprehensive energy policy that incorporates an all the above approach and the infrastructure to take our energy supplies to the region's where it is consumed.



Vets4Energy Becomes Member of United Veterans Committee of Colorado

Membership into the UVC is by invitation-only and it is an honor to be invited. Vets4Energy was extended an invitation to become a member in May, 2016 and the vote for membership took place June 14th.



Capt. McCormick Testifies at EPA Science Advisory Board

Vets4Energy program director provides his perspective as a veteran, a farmer, and a West Virginian to affirm the EPA's findings that hydraulic fracturing does not harm groundwater.



Ohio Valley Lures Manufacturers With Rock-Bottom Natural Gas Prices

A group of business leaders in a small corner of Ohio and West Virginia are laying down a big claim: They have the cheapest natural gas in the industrialized world.



US Chamber report puts US in fourth place for energy security

From 2016 International Index of Energy Security Risk report: "... the big story is how the shale revolution has changed the US and global energy landscape for the better."



Energy jobs key to addressing poverty, wage stagnation

"Pro-energy policy is the best starting point for any plan to reduce poverty in America and turn our still-struggling economy around..."



Vets4Energy at VFW in Hampton Roads, VA

Vets4Energy National Director and Congressman Rob Wittman (R-Virginia) spoke with the leaders of the three largest VFW halls in the Hampton Roads, VA region.



Energy infrastructure investments vital to economic growth

500,000 miles of pipelines crisscross the United States. That may seem like a lot of pipeline capacity, but we actually need more. A lot more - and not just pipelines, but energy infrastructure investment across the board, including storage, processing, rail and maritime development.



Anti-pipeline activism in U.S. pushes construction south of the border

The Canadian company behind [Keystone XL Pipeline] is exploring the idea of constructing new pipelines in Mexico - where regulatory oversight and environmental opposition are less-cumbersome obstacles than in North America.



Oil and gas industry tries to lure veterans

The American Petroleum Institute started the Veterans Energy Pipeline with help from Vets4Energy and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., in February and aims to steer veterans to jobs in the energy industry that match their military training.