Natural gas is part of America's future, Michigan's attorney general says

"Energy security is about more than just producing more of our oil and gas here at home; it's also about being able to transport it safely, securely and efficiently to our communities, homes and businesses where it is needed," James McCormick of Vets4Energy said.



Energy Independence - Safety & Security for Our Nation

By Vets4Energy's Capt. James McCormick, USA (ret.): "The United States oil and natural gas industry has produced at an astounding rate... [and] presents the U.S. with the incredible opportunity to become energy independent."



Clemson study shows link between hydraulic fracturing, decrease in mortgage defaults

"Americans don't realize how important the increase in our energy production has been for our national security," said Vets4Energy. "If this energy had stayed in the ground, we'd be paying more, have less clean air, and our economy would be substantially weaker. And that's something our enemies would notice."



Vets4Energy calls for strong U.S. energy policies that strengthen security and economy

"I think the majority of voters don't understand energy issues," said Richard DeNoyer, the Massachusetts state chairman of Vets4Energy and a retired U.S. Marine officer.



Hydraulic fracturing resulted in fewer mortgage defaults

"People don't realize that without this new energy revolution, America would be hurting," says William Schachte, a retired U.S. Navy rear admiral and volunteer chairman of South Carolina's Vets4Energy.



Texas oil company announces big offshore Alaska discovery

"It has the size and scale to play a meaningful role in sustaining the Alaskan oil business over the next three or four decades..."



WHAT IF... America's Energy Renaissance Never Actually Happened?

What if we'd just "left it in the ground?" The U.S. would be short 4.3 million jobs and over half-a-trillion dollars in annual GDP. Electricity prices would be 31% higher, we'd all be paying 43% more at the pump, carbon dioxide emissions would be 23% higher and we'd be importing 160% more oil. That's just to start.



Study shows fracking resulted in lower mortgage defaults

Despite the negativity many associate with fracking, it has had a positive impact on mortgage defaults in areas where fracking occurred, according to research by a Clemson University finance professor.



Energy security equals national security

By Vets4Energy MA volunteer Chairman: In these divisive times we live in, our body politic seems to struggle to separate what feels right for the nation's viability and what, in reality, is right for a stronger America.



Nineteen Virginian chambers of commerce have joined forces to urge the state’s U.S. senators to support the construction of a natural gas pipeline through the state

U.S. Army Capt. James McCormick (retired), says the project also would benefit U.S. national security.