Obamas's Oil Drilling Ban Threatens National Security

"The Obama administration recently reversed its 2015 plan to open up waters off the coasts of Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia to oil drilling. Officials claim the new decision to ban oil drilling will protect national security. It will do the opposite." By Rear Admiral Don Loren of Vets4Energy



Activists shut down fracking with fear

Fear just secured another victory. Under pressure from green activists, the Florida Senate voted down a bill that would have helped expand fracking... by Lt. Colonel Dennis Freytes USA (Ret.), Florida co-chair of Vets4Energy.



Vets4Energy National Liaison Speaks at Legion Event in NC

Hosted by American Legion Post 10 and Wilmington Navy League, more than 200 veterans, local elected officials, and business leaders listened to Rear Adm. Loren's message: "energy security is critical to our nation's security."



Former U.S. deputy asst. secretary of defense to headline veterans luncheon in Wilmington, NC

Rear Admiral Donald P. Loren, USN (ret) will headline a luncheon honoring local veterans this Thursday, March 24, in Wilmington, NC.



Colorado Vets4Energy chair: 'Energy security is a matter of national security'

Leanne Wheeler is a fighter. From serving in the United States Air Force to working to end homelessness among Colorado veterans, Wheeler has demonstrated a commitment to fighting for her community and her country.



National security requires energy security, Vets4Energy's Pennsylvania chairman says

Vets4Energy is steadfastly promoting energy independence for America, an issue U.S. military veterans are principally interested in for national security reasons, Tony Caldarelli, the state chairman of the Pennsylvania Vets4Energy chapter, said.



Vets4Energy on Energy Independence

Vets4Energy Program Director voices his opinion about America's need for energy independence in short video produced by Energy Speaks in West Virginia.



Vets4Energy Testifies in Colorado

Leanne Wheeler, Colorado Vet4Energy volunteer Chairwoman and former Sergeant with US Air Force, testified before the Colorado House of Representative Business Affairs and Labor Committee regarding a veteran's workforce bill.



Milestone LNG export shipment set to leave U.S. for Brazil

The first international shipment of liquefied natural gas in decades from the Lower 48 states is poised to leave for Brazil from Louisiana.



Vets4Energy Ohio: Rejection of XL pipeline 'lessens national security'

President Obama's decision to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline project three months ago may have brought an end to a controversial proposal initiated over six years ago, but some supporters of the U.S.-Canadian pipeline believe nixing the plan was not in the best interest of the country.