Rear Admiral Loren: Energy Is Critical To Jobs, National Security

Radio interview on The John Fredericks Show (Virginia). 13 minutes.



Vets4Energy attends Women Veterans Benefits Conference in Jacksonville, FL

Vets4Energy and Florida Energy Forum spoke at, and staffed, an energy education table at the Northeast Florida Women Veterans conference on March 12, 2017. The event was held at the Florida Department of Veteran Affairs.



Insane to oppose efficient plant

By MA Vets4Energy chairman: "Why does the Northeast regularly experience higher energy and electricity prices during the winter months? ... It's because our regional energy infrastructure is insufficient to handle the demand we have, particularly for natural gas."



Exxon to invest $20 billion on U.S. Gulf Coast refining projects

The investments at 11 sites should create 35,000 temporary construction jobs and 12,000 permanent jobs, Chief Executive Darren Woods said in a speech at CERAWeek, the world's largest gathering of energy executives.



Vets4Energy's Rear Admiral Loren on

Ten-minute interview that discusses difference in national security and military security, and how energy impacts the country.



Administration to attack regulatory roadblocks, Trump tells governors

Saying that he had heard some state leaders complain about federal regulatory delays, US President Donald J. Trump told a delegation of US governors that his administration will try to remove federal regulatory roadblocks that have delayed important projects for environmental reasons.



Safe Fracking: Good for America

Lt. Col. Freytes, USA (ret.) and co-chair of Florida Vets4Energy: "Many veterans of war, including myself, have concerns with foreign products being purchased from countries at war... We have come a long way in recent years to obtain our own oil and natural gas within the U.S., however we can't lift our feet off of the pedal."



U.S. Set To Rival Russia In Oil And Natural Gas Exports

President Trump has promised to roll back federal regulations to help U.S. oil and natural gas and to open up new areas for development. The administration's energy priority is to "unleash America's $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, and natural gas reserves."



Improving U.S. 'energy infrastructure' rises up political agenda

"I wish that all Americans will understand the importance of the new president's order expediting critical infrastructure projects that sends a message that America is open for business," said Gary Wattnem, Major General, USA (ret.), the Iowa chairman of Vets4Energy.



Rear Admiral Loren (Vets4Energy) radio interview on NH Today with Jack Heath

Conversation on topics that include Veteran's Administration, national security, military strength, and the role energy has in our economic on national security.