Zinke signs orders implementing Trump's offshore energy directive

"We will conduct a thorough review of the Outer Continental Shelf for oil and gas exploration, and listen to state and local stakeholders. We also will conduct a thorough review of regulations that were created with good intentions but have had harmful impacts on America's energy security,"



Why it's a critical - and ideal - time to upgrade America's energy infrastructure

The natural gas surplus generated by the shale revolution has led to several benefits, including lower wellhead prices, reduced imports and rising inventories of natural gas storage. In addition, the cost of drilling new shale wells has dramatically declined. This means that fewer rigs are being employed, but new wells are more productive and cost-efficient.



Clearing the Air on Cleaning the Air

"...it is no wonder that the public is often confused about air quality in their city, county, state, and nation." That's a gentle way of saying that Americans have been misled by the media and agenda-driven environmental groups.



Donald Trump admin favours export of oil and natural gas to friends: Official

US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's comments came as US President Donald Trump prepared to take steps towards removing the shackles on offshore energy exploration.



Global oil discoveries and new projects fell to historic lows in 2016

The offshore sector, which accounts for almost a third of crude oil production and is a crucial component of future global supplies, has been particularly hard hit by the industry's slowdown.



Admiral Loren interview on WODC Talk Radio

Admiral Loren is interviewed on WODC Radio (Ocala, FL) about energy policy and how it affects our national security.



Admiral Loren on the Michael Patrick Shiels show.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Vets 4 Energy National Liaison, about our country's energy policies and how they affect our national security.



Vets4Energy Capt. McCormick on New Hampshire Wake Up Radio

Topics discussed include the Purple Heart Trail system, energy security, and how veterans have been welcomed back after service.



DLA Energy hosts 2017 DoD Fuels Awards

Each year the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps service control points nominate the best fuels management operations in DoD... "The winners here today represent thousands of military and civilian personnel who ensure quality fuel is delivered on time, every time."



State air-quality agencies' report tracks pollution control progress

"The Greatest Story Seldom Told: Profiles & Success Stories in Air Pollution Control" includes key metrics from concentrations of criteria pollutants like ground-level ozone and air releases of toxic chemicals to compliance and enforcement activity...