Environmental activist groups expected to ramp up protests against energy infrastructure projects

The Trump administration may be bad for the policy agenda of environmental activism groups but good for those groups' fundraising, as some of them have signaled their intention to ramp up protests to a number of the administration's energy policy proposals.



Nebraska commission sets hearing date for Keystone XL review

A state commission that will decide whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline's route through Nebraska has scheduled a five-day public hearing on the project.



Vets4Energy Volunteer Chairman Elected Mayor of Orland Park, IL.

Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin, who has held the post since 1993, was unsuccessful in his campaign for a seventh term. Challenger Keith Pekau unseated McLaughlin Tuesday night in a stunning upset.



Roma Amundson: Keystone XL is gift to Nebraskans

Roma Amundson is retired brigadier general in the Nebraska National Guard, is a Lancaster County commissioner and the state volunteer chairwoman for Vets4Energy.



Environmental groups challenge Keystone XL pipeline approval

A coalition of environmental groups challenged the federal permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline in court on Thursday because they say additional environmental scrutiny is needed.



Trump's big climate change splash

... two months into his presidency, how much impact is [Trump] having? ... let's look at where Trump's actions to date will or won't move the needle...



What Does President Trump's Energy Independence Executive Order Do, and Why Does it Matter?

It's a bold order, with an overarching vision statement followed by a package of supporting actions involving numerous agencies and aspects of the energy economy.



Vets4Energy at WV Annual Spring Purple Heart Conference

Capt. McCormick enjoyed speaking at their West VA State Spring Conference on Saturday, March 25, 2017.



Report: Fracking boom helping to contain carbon emissions

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the increase in natural gas supplies brought about by the growth in hydraulic fracturing has contributed to "global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions" remaining flat for a third straight year in 2016.



Navy vet focuses on energy security from Lowcountry home

A retired Navy rear admiral, Lowcountry resident William Schachte Jr. enjoyed a distinguished career focused on protecting our national security. Now, Schachte has turned his focus on the issue of energy independence.