Our next energy and security crisis?

Oil and natural gas aren't just fuels. They supply building blocks for pharmaceuticals; plastics in vehicle bodies... and complex composites in solar panels and wind turbine blades and nacelles. The USA was importing 65% of its petroleum in 2005, creating serious national security concerns. But fracking helped cut imports to 40% and the US now exports oil and gas.



Vets4Energy: Natural Gas Infrastructure Badly Needed

Vets group says politicians shouldn't stand in the way of new, upgraded pipeline systems that strengthen national security.



U.S. Will Be the World's Largest Oil Producer by 2023, Says IEA

The No. 1 overall message, non-OPEC supply growth is very, very strong, which could change the parameters for the oil markets in the years to come, led by the United States...



Shale oil growth to overwhelm U.S. refiners, fuel exports: study

Rising U.S. shale oil production will overwhelm the nation's refining capacity, with three-quarters of the additional oil produced in the United States by 2023 shipped to Europe and Asia, according to a new study by consultancy Wood Mackenzie.



Wilmington (NC) Big Talker Radio interview with Vets4Energy

“Mornings with Joe Catenacci” talks to Capt. McCormick about energy security and national security.



Vets4Energy Hosts Veterans Matter (February, 2018)

Dr. James Knapp, respected geologist from the University of South Carolina, discusses the benefits of offshore development and seismic surveys.



The Olympic Torch and Innovation in Energy

By Vets4Eneregy Michigan Chair: Over time, the design of the Olympic torch has undergone a fascinating series of innovations, both to its aesthetics, and the technology behind its burning flame



Vets4Energy on West VA Press Indepth

West Virginia Press Association interviews Capt. James McCormick about his roles assisting Veterans and his passioin about working with Vets4Energy.



What do the Olympics have to do with Veterans or Energy production?

By Anthony Caldarelli, PA Vets4Energy: The Winter Olympics are, of course, a big deal. So, I said to my wife, "I ought to do a piece for Vets4Energy on the Olympics." She, being the perpetual skeptic said; "what do the Olympics have to do with Veterans or Energy production?" The gauntlet was thrown... The Olympics as founded were basically tests of military skills.



North American energy trade boosts our economic and energy security

Canada is both our No. 1 source of crude oil imports and the No. 1 market for our crude exports. Mexico is our largest outlet for natural gas exports and the No. 1 export market for U.S. finished motor gasoline...