Energy Independence - Safety & Security for Our Nation

By Vets4Energy's Capt. James McCormick, USA (ret.): "The United States oil and natural gas industry has produced at an astounding rate throughout the past several years. This growth presents the U.S. with the incredible opportunity to become energy independent. Energy independence is a possibility on the horizon and would be highly beneficial to our national security."



Environmental activism and the working class

The pseudo-environmental movement's battle cry to lessen human activity is having a profound effect on public policy. Though the movement is not new, its motives have shifted over the last thirty years, from pushing necessary protections of sensitive environments, to stifling land use. The millions of blue-collared men and women responsible for producing the necessary means for modern living stand directly in the cross-hairs...



Iowa needs to invest in infrastructure

Investing in our nation's infrastructure is essential for creating jobs and boosting our economy. This includes transportation and energy infrastructure. By Jim Felker, former US Marine Corp.



Energy independence is not a pipe-dream

Energy policy is a stark determinant of national security and economic security. Our nation is the single-largest consumer of energy on the planet, and for good reason. We have a nation and allies to defend, cities to power, people to feed, goods to manufacture and transport, and information to process.



At the Crossroads of Energy and Independence

As a nation, we must stand tall to overcome barriers and achieve our energy independence... In a round-about way, we may actually be filling our gas tanks with the product that buys the bullets that are fired at our service members overseas who have fought for our freedom.



Skill Shortages in the Oilfield

What's going to happen when the business rebounds... finding the right people to lead and execute this recovery takes a long time, which is why action must begin now.



SC veteran leader challenges Post & Courier coverage of offshore energy issues

Volunteer chair of South Carolina Vets4Energy [is] critical of coverage given to energy issues -- specifically offshore energy development -- in the Charleston Post & Courier.



Obamas's Oil Drilling Ban Threatens National Security

"The Obama administration recently reversed its 2015 plan to open up waters off the coasts of Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia to oil drilling. Officials claim the new decision to ban oil drilling will protect national security. It will do the opposite." By Rear Admiral Don Loren of Vets4Energy



Activists shut down fracking with fear

Fear just secured another victory. Under pressure from green activists, the Florida Senate voted down a bill that would have helped expand fracking... by Lt. Colonel Dennis Freytes USA (Ret.), Florida co-chair of Vets4Energy.



National security requires energy security, Vets4Energy's Pennsylvania chairman says

Vets4Energy is steadfastly promoting energy independence for America, an issue U.S. military veterans are principally interested in for national security reasons, Tony Caldarelli, the state chairman of the Pennsylvania Vets4Energy chapter, said.