Products Made from Petroleum

The average U.S. citizen uses 3 gallons of refined petroleum products each day. Which of these do you use on a regular basis?



Iran deal puts our security at risk

Those of us who make it a point to stay up-to-date on foreign affairs are taking great interest in the Iran deal that is aimed at stopping the volatile country from developing nuclear weapons.



Loren continues his dedication to public service

When 63-year-old retired Rear Adm. Don Loren first took his oath of office 32 years ago, he never thought the Navy would encompass his entire life. "I was always inclined to public service..."



Brigadier General Amundson's reflections on Memorial Day

"A lot of people travel on Memorial Day weekend and forget to honor our fallen veterans. Itís easy to forget the significance of what it means to serve an ideal that is bigger than all of us."



Memorial Day - Remembering Those Who Served

Some Americans have no idea what Memorial Day is all about. The National Moment of Remembrance Act encourages Americans to remember and to share a moment of silence at 3 PM.



V4E Letter to Chicago Mayor Emanuel

Vets4Energy Illinois voices opposition to any higher ethanol mandates.



Economic Strength Through Energy Independence

What's the one area that we know for sure that can create new, good-paying jobs for America's veterans? The energy sector.



Energy Independent Means...

Being energy independent means, as Veterans are keenly aware, that America's role will be that of an energy superpower. From the South Carolina Vets4Energy Chairman.



We need to put our nation in first place.

From Vets4Energy Michigan: "The resources are abundant. We have the knowledge, the innovation and the workforce to be completely energy independent from foreign controlling sources of oil. Our Washington bureaucrats saddle us with unnecessary regulations which stymie our progress..."



Veterans expect pro-energy leaders

What has made the Middle East a geostrategic focal point for so long but its possession of vast reserves of the oil we and our allies need to sustain our economies? If there were any adequate alternative sources of this precious fuel, we would have to be mad not to take advantage of them. And yet, there are.