Dennis Freytes: Safe fracking - good for America

Many veterans of war, including myself, have concerns with foreign products being purchased from countries at war, namely the Middle East. We have come a long way in recent years to obtain our own oil and natural gas within the U.S. However, we can't lift our feet off the proverbial pedal.



U.S. energy dependence aids nation's security

As a veteran, I am proud of my years in service to our nation. During my 10 years as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, I observed some unsettling events... Most troubling as a vet, however, is the continued U.S. reliance on petroleum from Middle Eastern nations, which indirectly supports terrorist institutions (by Vets4Energy Chairman Nic Porta)



Infrastructure crisis is a golden opportunity

As veterans, we know that some of our brothers and sisters in uniform struggle to find purpose or a new career after their separation from the military. The fact is that veterans have the skills and background necessary to do these jobs... We can hit both proverbial birds with this infrastructure improvement stone.



Playing politics at the expense of national security

By Nic Porta, Vets4Energy's WV Chairman: "Not only has the president taken one last swipe at the coal industry with new regulations intended to protect streams near coal mines, but he also has acted against the oil and gas industry."



Oil Drilling in the Arctic Could Protect America and the Environment

Article in Time by Rear Admiral Don Loren of Vets4Energy: "...offshore energy development in the Arctic can bolster our national security in two critical ways. In the short term, by building out the regional infrastructure we badly need. In the long, by securing our energy supply for many decades."



Arctic drilling has vital role in energy, national security

Massive new discovery proves: When you're allowed to explore for energy, historic oil and natural gas discoveries can follow. But there's a caveat. Given the long lead time it takes years...



Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Economic vitality requires modern energy infrastructure

Virginians are accustomed to the power of great ideas and the strong debate that surrounds them. Thomas Jefferson likened it to a good thunderstorm, clearing the air.



Energy Independence - Safety & Security for Our Nation

By Vets4Energy's Capt. James McCormick, USA (ret.): "The United States oil and natural gas industry has produced at an astounding rate throughout the past several years. This growth presents the U.S. with the incredible opportunity to become energy independent. Energy independence is a possibility on the horizon and would be highly beneficial to our national security."



Environmental activism and the working class

The pseudo-environmental movement's battle cry to lessen human activity is having a profound effect on public policy. Though the movement is not new, its motives have shifted over the last thirty years, from pushing necessary protections of sensitive environments, to stifling land use. The millions of blue-collared men and women responsible for producing the necessary means for modern living stand directly in the cross-hairs...



Iowa needs to invest in infrastructure

Investing in our nation's infrastructure is essential for creating jobs and boosting our economy. This includes transportation and energy infrastructure. By Jim Felker, former US Marine Corp.