Winter Olympics and Ohio Skater Madison Hubbell

February 8, 2018

The below was provided by Vets4Energy member BethAnn Earl, a retired Navy Veteran and resident of Wheelersburg, OH.

The Winter Olympics are here, and I’d like to congratulate our Ohio athlete, figure skater Madison Hubbell.  Good Luck!!

Many aspects of Olympic-level competition have taken remarkable strides since the first Winter Olympics in 1924; and it is astounding to see the technology and innovation that have advanced in the Figure Skating world.

Innovations since the 1990s in costume design include using Lycra and Spandex, along with lightweight fabrics like acrylics, nylons, polyesters, have become increasingly popular because of their flexibility and performance. And “Heat-retainers, made from synthetic rubber, are placed inside skates and boots to help keep the athlete’s feet warm.  While these things might not seem noteworthy, avoiding costume malfunctions and allowing for flexibility and stretching while performing is extremely important.

Lesser known, however, is that these new technologies depend on the powerful innovations in manufacturing that have been ushered in by a renaissance in the American energy industry, specifically natural gas and oil.

Producing the textiles, plastics, and other tech-related fibers used widely in the clothing and gear for Olympic games are possible through natural gas and oil development.  In fact, every contemporary luxury we enjoy, like smart phones, tablets, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and workout equipment rely on these fuels.

I will be cheering for Madison and all of our U.S. athletes, along with our American innovation and freedoms this year.  I hope you will too.

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BethAnn Earl is a graduate of American Public University, a retired Navy Veteran, and a resident of Wheelersburg, Ohio.

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