What does the American Flag Mean to You?

June 11, 2018

Flag Day - June 14

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Royal G.

From the time of our independence from England to the present, men and women have fought and many gave their lives for the freedom that God, almighty, has given this our country to us under His sovereignty. Each star represents each and every state that believes that God brought us together to make our nation greater than the others in the world. May God continue to bless America.

Anonymous Vets4Energy member
It was August in Spokane WA and I was attending survival school.  That’s the school where they beat the crap out of you while messing with your mind and emotions.   After a few days of very intense “field time,” and just as I was being given “special attention” yet again by trainers, there was a “takeover by friendlies” and those of us being given special attention were liberated.... The National Anthem blared over the loud speaker and the flag ran up the flag pole.   It was beautiful, and I am sure that I was not the only one with tears streaming down my face.   It might have been training, but it was real.  And it was the first time I ever viewed the flag in that way; comforting, strong, resilient, and proud.     

Anonymous Vets4Energy membe
When I see the flag, I think about the flag that I saw folded at my dad’s funeral.  It was given to my mother, and now to me.  It sits in my home office on shelf directly in front of me.   I also have a few of his medals, and a uniform that he once word with pride.  But it is the flag that remains in my thoughts most.  I guess it is because the items are personal treasures of my dad's.  Things he had earned.  But the flag, however, that was something he fought for and believed in.  The flag is not about an accompshment, but a symbol of what he felt was right.  And that in the magic mojo from within.

Marie T. 

Pride, Respect, Honor and I am glad I am an American and I have President Donald Trump as my President. 

Joe S.
It is a tribute to all Veterans and should be an inspiration to future Service members.

Marlene P.
It's an honor to be an american. So many have died to keep us free. Thank you guys for serving . Much respect to you, God bless you all.

Abuelita B. 

Flag day and President Trump's birthday June 14. Awesome.

William S.

My Dad...a hero of WW2...a Veteran...MY HERO.

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