W.Va. Pearl Harbor survivor remembers the attacks 74 years ago

December 8, 2015

Nearly 100 citizens attended the December 7th National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in Charleston, W. VA.

Among the honored guests were two WWII veterans, including Wetsel Sanders, 92, one of approimately 10 Pearl Harbor survivors remaining in West Virginia, who said "Every two or three days I think of something that happened to me or something to my buddies." 

Speaking at the event was Army Capt. James McCormick (retired), Program Director for Vets4Energy, whose presentation was about honoring the sacrifices of those involved in Pearl Harbor and World War II that has made us the free nation we are today. 

"We must continue to honor those sacrifices by remembering the those who made them and maintaining a safe and secure America.  That includes the use of our abundant resources that can free us and our allies from the need to trade or deal with countries and entities that are not free and do not represent the freedom that our veterans of World War II fought so hard to gain.  It is an honor and a responsibility to never allow our nation to forget those sacrifices and to always strive to make America the greatest Nation that we possibly can." 

For more about the event, see article on W VA MetroNews.

Pearl Harbor Ceremony W VA


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