Veteran visits Montana while driving Purple Heart Trail

July 28, 2018

Billings, Mont. -  A retired Army veteran, his wife, and two of their children are driving the Purple Heart Trail. Montana is one of the states they stopped at. On Saturday, KULR-8 met up with Captain James McCormick, who is a highly decorated combat veteran. He has one Silver Star, three Bronze Stars, and three Purple Hearts. One of his main goals is to show the costs paid by those who served the United States.

"The purpose of this trip is to travel along the Purple Heart Trail to bring awareness to veterans issues. But to also have a chance to stop in places like this national cemetery that you have here in Yellowstone and talk to some of the great people who made this happen," explained Capt. McCormick.

Another big focus for McCormick's trip is energy and veterans who are for energy. "Our goal is to talk about the energy situation in America and why it's important for veterans to get involved in policy decisions and policy making. So we are advocates, and we just go out and tell the story of the veteran and we talk to the folks, why is it important to get involved in that. Well, it's very important because it directly relates to our involvement in these wars."

The main question for the captain is if the U.S. could become energy independent...

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