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January 23, 2016

Globe Gazette (Iowa)

As the Feb. 1 caucuses approach, voters of all stripes will consider a variety of candidates with differing views. But as voters consider what they would like to see in a potential candidate, we must realize that some issues stand above others.

If there's one thing I can impart upon Iowa caucus goers, it would be a simple idea: Energy self-sufficiency today is the key for a better America tomorrow.

America has a unique opportunity to free itself from the entanglements and issues associated with foreign energy. For too long our armed forces have fought too many wars, often over energy. By focusing on candidates with clear plans for energy security, we can reduce the need to put our troops in harm's way. In my opinion, any candidate without a fully developed energy plan is simply not a serious candidate.

As we enter the 15th year in our longest war, we should think of the implications of what that means for our citizens and military.

Secure access to energy supplies and innovations in energy technology safeguards America's military strength. Increased American energy protects our homeland by reducing our dependence on unstable nations and from those who seek to harm us.

Having a wide-ranging energy portfolio and being good stewards of the earth are not mutually exclusive to one another either. We can continue developing our natural gas portfolio, an energy source that reduces our greenhouse gas emissions while providing greater energy security. More than half of the world's growing energy demands will be fulfilled with our own domestic oil and natural gas.

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