New ethanol standard will be bad for America's security

November 27, 2015

Buffaol News (NY)

Written by Charles G. Baranyai, sergeant first class (retired), an active member of New York Vets4Energy, a volunteer group of veterans who advocate on energy issues.

As our energy sector continues to grow at an exponential rate, it brings us closer to our goal of complete energy self-sufficiency. However, when an activist-driven governmental body proposes new mandates to threaten not just our economy, but also our homeland security, I believe there’s cause for concern.

In this instance, I’m referring to the Environmental Protection Agency’s new push to set a new renewable fuel standard (RFS) from the current E10 ethanol fuel to E15. As it currently stands, the U.S. government, and most consumers, use internal combustion engines that can run on E10 fuel – meaning 10 percent of the fuel blend comes from ethanol. With this new RFS push, the EPA is creating problems for engines ill-equipped to burn the higher concentration.

Making a change like this during our longest-ever war seems foolish from the get-go. As our troops sit abroad defending liberty, the EPA proposes a rule that would physically damage the very equipment they use on a daily basis.

Normal engines cannot burn E15 fuel without inevitable equipment failures.

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