Iowa needs to invest in infrastructure

September 9, 2016

Investing in our nation’s infrastructure is essential for creating jobs and boosting our economy. This includes transportation and energy infrastructure. However, opponents of projects such as natural gas and oil pipelines are using increasingly charged rhetoric and holding civil disobedience training to stage blockades and disruption. Just last week around 30 protesters in our state were arrested at one such demonstration. Opposition is acceptable, but this kind is not the Iowa way.

The reality is that domestically produced energy has been critical for our nation’s recovery and being able to safely transport it is essential. Iowa’s economy has shown that a balanced energy mix is a positive, but natural gas and oil continue to play an enormous role in ensuring our economy operates at full force.

The diesel fuel Iowa’s farms rely on, along with a tremendous amount of other essential petroleum-based products, will be refined from crude oil passing through pipelines. Natural gas continues to be a cost effective and environmentally positive source of electricity generation. While Iowa does not produce oil or natural gas, we should view infrastructure investment holistically. Iowa’s consumers and larger economy benefits from these projects.

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