Energy is, and always will be a national safety issue

April 13, 2018

Energy production and security have been topics of interest for every Commander in Chief since World War II, when resources were rationed because there wasn't enough to meet citizen and military needs simultaneously.

That brings us to U.S. Department of the Interior, which is considering opening offshore waters for exploration, which could provide long-term energy to families, businesses and the military. This made many sound the alarm. It shouldn't have. The proposed program is to understand what might lay offshore. Making plans and offering leases doesn't necessarily mean development will happen.

But oil, natural gas, nuclear and coal have been mainstays of American energy for over a century, with wind and solar coming into their own. Still, renewables only meet about 10 percent of Virginia's energy consumption, meaning other resources are needed to meet demand.

If successful, exploration could be a boon to coastal communities. More energy could help lower costs for Virginians, who spend an average $3,288 annually on energy. For Virginians living in poverty, that's 27 percent of their income.

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