Energy Independence - Safety & Security for Our Nation

October 6, 2016

The below was written by Capt. James McCormick of Vets4Energy.

The United States oil and natural gas industry has produced at an astounding rate throughout the past several years. This growth presents the U.S. with the incredible opportunity to become energy independent. Energy independence is a possibility on the horizon and would be highly beneficial to our national security.
Our country’s dependence on foreign energy sources could very well be a thing of the past. Importing energy sources from other unstable regions of the world presents economic and security issues, including massive price fluctuations. Being energy independent would eliminate many of these concerns and put the United States in a secure, stable position.
In 2005, less than 70 percent of the oil consumed by Americans was produced in this country. Now, due to advances in technology and drilling techniques, that number has increased to 89 percent. The abundance of this natural resource right here in our country proves that energy independence is within our grasp. Some projections show that this could be possible by as soon as 2025.
While it is always important to consider alternate sources, such as wind, solar and nuclear, oil and natural gas will be the dominant energy source in the U.S. for several decades. Our production has even exceeded that of Russia and Saudia Arabia collectively.
Investing in technology, resources and infrastructure to continue producing oil and natural gas on our home soil will not only lead us toward becoming energy independent, but also strengthen the economy through job creation and tax revenue at federal, state and local levels.
In order to create a more secure America, we must strive for energy independence, which includes safe and scientifically proven technologies to extract our resources. With the proper policies and technology in place, the oil and natural gas industry can thrive and the final goal of independence can be achieved.  

Capt. James McCormick, USA (ret.)
Vets 4 Energy
Program Director


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