Energy a key election issue

June 1, 2018

As Memorial weekend came to an end I began thinking about how America has paid a heavy price to be independent. Since our country’s founding, our armed forces have sacrificed much for our freedoms and quality of life. Most of us take it for granted. Our economy and military might insulate the country from many of the problems that affect other nations who don’t have our resources. But we are not insulated from everything.

Our energy appetite makes us vulnerable. And our dependence on foreign sources of energy keeps the threat of war on our doorstep – and energy has in some part played a role in our recent wars in the Mideast.

As North Dakotans we understand the value of energy, we produce oil and natural gas, but we also produce vast amounts of coal and have established a significant alternative energy industry. That’s why I think it’s important that we elect candidates who support energy policies that will lead America to self-sufficiency and free us from importing energy from countries that don’t share our values or best interests.

North Dakota is rich in safe, reliable energy resources which have made us a world leader in energy production. Problem solved? However, there are those in our country who seek to halt domestic energy production and the development of its infrastructure.

As a veteran I know energy independence...

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