Rick, US Navy veteran

Rick, US Navy veteran

Technical Advisor, ExxonMobil Corporation

Q. What branch of the military did you serve under? What was your position in the military?
A. I served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and worked on nuclear submarines. I was the Weapons Department Head on nuclear powered submarine. I am an engineer, qualified to work on submarine nuclear power plants.

Q. What were your responsibilities in the military?
A. As an engineer, I was responsible for the safe operation of the nuclear power plant on a fast attack submarine. As Weapons Department Head, I was responsible for the safe operation of sonar, communications, and fire control and tracking systems.

Q. What is your current position?
A. I am a Technical Advisor for ExxonMobil Corporation.

Q. Serving in the military provides great leadership skills. Beyond that, what skills and experiences did you learn in the military that enable you to be successful on the job?
A. The importance of safe work practices and operations and how to work and communicate as a team.

Q. Did you use the benefits of the GI Bill to enhance your education?
A. Yes.