John, US Air Force veteran

John, US Air Force veteran

Hydrocarbon Allocation Engineer, Shell International Exploration and Production

Q. What branch of the military did you serve under? What was your position in the military?
A. I was an Acquisitions Officer and Nuclear Engineer in the U.S. Air Force. My final position was the Deputy Lead of the Electronics Foundations Group in the Space Vehicles Directorate of the Air Force Research Lab.

Q. What were your responsibilities in the military?
A. In my last position, I led a 15-person research team managing a $4 million per year project developing radiation hardness and reliability for next generation space electronics. I managed 25 contracts and $4 million in lab equipment, including the Air Force's strongest radiation source.

Q. What is your current position?
A. I'm a Cost Planning Engineer at Shell International Exploration and Production.

Q. Serving in the military provides great leadership skills. Beyond that, what skills and experiences did you learn in the military that enable you to be successful on the job?
A. Handling a lot of information and seeing through to what's important. Focus on multiple bottom lines: safety, mission, people, morale. Convincing and motivating peers, subordinates, and bosses. Dedication to get the job done when all else fails. Briefing, teaching, and presentation experience. Budgeting and project management. Engineering and scientific skills.

Q. Did you use the benefits of the GI Bill to enhance your education?
A. No, but I attended the USAF Academy and the Air Force Institute of Technology.