Joe, US Navy veteran

Joe, US Navy veteran

Environmental, Health and Safety Representative, Devon Energy Corporation

Q. What branch of the military did you serve under? What was your position in the military?
A. I served four years as 3rd Class Petty Officer E-4 in the U.S. Navy. While in the Navy I served aboard the USS Carl Vinson as a Storekeeper within the hazardous materials division.

Q. What were your responsibilities in the military?
A. My job was to develop and implement various environmental and safety procedures in conjunction with federal rules and regulations. The job entailed a duty to track and keep up with all hazardous materials aboard the ship. As well as handle all hazardous waste streams generated from the ship.

Q. What is your current position?
A. I'm an Environmental, Health and Safety Representative at Devon Corporation.

Q. Serving in the military provides great leadership skills. Beyond that, what skills and experiences did you learn in the military that enable you to be successful on the job?
A. While in the Navy, a big part of my job was developing and implementing various environmental and safety procedures in conjunction with federal rules and regulations. It was the goal of my department to develop and implement these procedures along with training methods which enabled service members aboard the ship to easily understand and follow. The same high level of importance is placed on safety and the environment at Devon. My work at Devon is focused on developing and implementing environmental, health and safety initiatives that impact our employees both in the field and in office settings. The goal in the Navy was much the same as the goal here at Devon, work as safe as we can and be outstanding stewards of the environment.

Q. Did you use the benefits of the GI Bill to enhance your education?
A. After an honorable discharge from the Navy, I attended college using the GI Bill. Thanks to the GI Bill I received a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental safety and am working for a great company that is committed to safety and the environment.