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Market forces, not taxes, best method to reduce carbon emission

Nevada Vets4Energy Chairman agrees that reducing carbon emissions is an important goal, and says the good news is that market forces in the American energy sector are already doing just that.

Rear Admiral Loren addresses Massachusetts VFW

Loren told the group that the nation needs a comprehensive energy policy that incorporates an all the above approach and the infrastructure to take our energy supplies to the region's where it is consumed.

Vets4Energy Becomes Member of United Veterans Committee of Colorado

Membership into the UVC is by invitation-only and it is an honor to be invited. Vets4Energy was extended an invitation to become a member in May, 2016 and the vote for membership took place June 14th.

Capt. McCormick Testifies at EPA Science Advisory Board

Vets4Energy program director provides his perspective as a veteran, a farmer, and a West Virginian to affirm the EPA's findings that hydraulic fracturing does not harm groundwater.