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New ethanol standard will be bad for America's security

We've had years to study the effects of ethanol mandates and none of it seems beneficial. It's merely bureaucratic window dressing for political brownie points. There' s a way to make all parties involved happy, but this plan isn't it.

Time to lift the crude oil export ban

US Senator John Hoeven (MT): "Lifting the U.S. ban on crude oil exports is a smart move that will benefit not only North Dakota, but also our nation and our allies."

Energy Speaks Hosts Lunch and Learn

Vets4Energy Program Director James McCormick is interviewed at local event sponsored by Energy Speaks and the Harrison County (WV) Chamber of Commerce.

Vets4Energy on IndyPolitics Radio

"This has everything to do with posturing our country into a better position so that we can be capable of not only supporting ourselves with good quality jobs and careers, but also being able to supply our allies... who have to buy crude oil from countries that aren't always friendly to the United States..."