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Veterans meet with Congress on US energy policy and national security

"We need policies that will ensure that America maintains its position as a global energy leader, and further transition our nation from importing energy from unstable and unfriendly nations,"

Veterans headed to Washington to push energy for independence

Vets 4 Energy, U.S. military veterans who advocate for energy policies to sustain the country's national security, next week will talk to Congress about the importance of the U.S. becoming energy independent.

The American Legion calls for action on KXL oil pipeline

The head of the nation's largest veterans service organization blasted the White House today for its prolonged opposition to the job-creating Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Vets4Energy's Illinois director outlines case for lifting U.S. crude export ban

Energy plays a vital role in the national security of a country, and one person who wants to get that message across to U.S. policymakers is Keith Pekau, a member of the group Vets4Energy, which continues to serve the nation as advocates for energy policies to strengthen America's national security.