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Japan shows why the world needs fracking -- and nuclear power

"The bridging energy source, I think, is gas,"revealing the sort of thinking U.S. environmentalists often condemn.

Obama decision to block Arctic energy development draws criticism from Congress, vets group

Capt. James McCormick, USA (ret), a 3-time bronze star, silver star and purple heart recipient, and program director for Vets4Energy, agreed with US Sen. Murkowski"s comments. "By not allowing America to explore, we are only decreasing our national security..."

Energy pipelines safe, vital to nation's economic health, advocates say

Tony Caldarelli, a former army captain and volunteer chairman for Pennsylvania Vets4Energy, told TI News Daily that the pipelines are necessary to maintain our country's "new position as an energy superpower."

Vast shale oil field in Texas could yield 20 billion barrels

A vast field of shale rock in West Texas could yield 20 billion barrels of oil, making it the largest source of shale oil the U.S. Geological Survey has ever assessed, agency officials said.