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Vets4Energy Capt. McCormick on New Hampshire Wake Up Radio

Topics discussed include the Purple Heart Trail system, energy security, and how veterans have been welcomed back after service.

DLA Energy hosts 2017 DoD Fuels Awards

Each year the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps service control points nominate the best fuels management operations in DoD... "The winners here today represent thousands of military and civilian personnel who ensure quality fuel is delivered on time, every time."

State air-quality agencies' report tracks pollution control progress

"The Greatest Story Seldom Told: Profiles & Success Stories in Air Pollution Control" includes key metrics from concentrations of criteria pollutants like ground-level ozone and air releases of toxic chemicals to compliance and enforcement activity...

Military veterans drawn to ethanol industry; reasons ignite debate over energy independence

[Capt. McCormick of Vets4Energy] disputed the idea that ethanol is somehow more attractive to veterans from a national security perspective. "General Clark does not represent me, and he does not represent the majority of veterans..." said Mr. McCormick